We are expecting you to join our family, the School of Medicine, College of Medicine, China Medical University, which is one of the outstanding medical education and biomedical research institutes in Taiwan.
We have a novel teaching course program for medical students, including conventional large classroom lectures, small group learning through problems based learning course, flipped classroom learning, and independent research training,
If you are dedicated and interested in biomedical research, you will enjoy our novel MD/MS and MD/PhD program. The aim of this program is to cultivated the next generation leading investigators or medical educators. 
Our faculties are composed of many outstanding clinicians and researchers for the service and advancement of healthcare for both locally and internationally. 
We invited you to join our course and pleased do not hesitate to contact us if any assistance is needed.


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 Extracurricular Activities and Life


109-1 Semester
M63 (一年級)
M62 (二年級)
M61 (三年級)
M60 (四年級)
Faculty Advisors
M59 (五年級) Liang-Chih Liu, Associate Professor
M58 (六年級) Hsiao-Chuan Lin, Assistant Professor
        (七年級) Chia-Der Lin, Professor